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The Life of TJ

TJ Hunt was a warm-hearted, compassionate, athletic and smart young man who was loved by many. TJ was born in Wildwood Crest to his parents Tom and Barb. He lit up the room with his electric energy even as a child and that light never dimmed with his contagious smile and laugh. TJ attended Crest Memorial School where he proudly played soccer, basketball and baseball. He loved the friends, teachers, and coaches he met at CMS and was proud to be a Crest Memorial Cougar. TJ worked hard in his studies at CMS and as a result was awarded a 4 year scholarship to attend St. Augustine Prep. To say TJ was elated by this opportunity would be an understatement. At the time, TJ was super shy, yet he made the decision to attend a school where he knew only 3 kids going into his freshman year. He couldn’t have been happier to be a Hermit and, from the moment he received his jacket at the brotherhood ceremony, it was clear to everyone around him that he knew that he had made the right choice.

Choosing a school that is located an hour away from your home, is a commitment for the whole family. He never complained about the long days, enjoyed his classes and teachers, and was a dedicated member of the crew team. During his time on the crew team, TJ earned a seat on the State Championship Lightweight 8 boat, rowed in a double at the Head of the Hooch in TN with his friend and roommate AJ, and joined the Prep’s 2nd 8 (a medal-winning boat where they could row in the nastiest of conditions yet still laugh and have fun). TJ quickly learned that hard work paid off and that developing strong relationships with friends, teammates, and coaches was the true prize of playing a sport. TJ was part of an amazing brotherhood and was so fortunate for all of his friends made while at the Prep. During his time at the Prep, TJ became an ambassador for the Wounded Warriors.  He along with his fellow Prep brother Bobby worked tirelessly to seek donations which ultimately allowed five Warrior families to enjoy an all expense paid trip to the Wildwoods, including hotel stays, meals and entertainment.  TJ lit up when he got to meet the Warrior families and welcome them to the Wildwoods.   Also during his time at the Prep, he met his girlfriend Courtney.   She was the apple of his eye and he dove headfirst into loving her with his whole heart.

Upon graduating from the Prep, TJ enrolled at Drexel University as a mechanical engineering major where he became roommates with his life-long best friend Dennis. While at Drexel, TJ studied hard, went to any sports games where he could get cheap last-minute tickets, and made friends that would support him no matter what. He had just finished his sophomore year when he landed an internship with Delmarva Power in Delaware. He was so excited about the opportunity to work for Delmarva and was happy to be part of his team of interns that were learning out in the field. On June 26th TJ’s bright light was taken from all of us when a motorist veered off the road and struck TJ while surveying a pole along Highway 13. Our lives were forever changed.

TJ had special relationships with everyone, but especially his family. He enjoyed playing cards and hearing stories told by his grandparents, taking his Godfather to dinner, years of holiday traditions with his Godmother and the laughs, jokes and shenanigans with his aunts, uncles and cousins. He enjoyed fishing, golfing and watching countless Phillies games with his Dad. TJ loved going on road trips/crew races, having jam sessions to 80s music, making cinnamon buns for neighbors and friends, and taking his Mom to the zoo at least twice a year. He loved his sister Maddie who routinely convinced him into doing things he would not normally do and who persuaded him into seeing a new museum exhibit or eating at new restaurants. They enjoyed dance parties and sleepovers during their time together on Drexel’s campus. TJ loved his brother Alex, who would never turn down an opportunity to bust TJs chops about being short or his golf game. Alex loved sharing a room and nightly stories with his brother, playing golf together, and competing in heated games of cornhole in our backyard. TJ was so much more than a son, brother, godson, grandson, nephew and cousin. He was a best friend and role model to all of us.

Our family is committed to taking lessons learned from TJ and integrating them into our lives so that when we meet him again, he will be able to tell us all: "Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad, Good Job Sister and Good Job Brother." He would want us to always make time for the people we love, work hard toward our goals, and chase our dreams with determination. He would want us to make peace, forgive, smile, and laugh even through the hard times. He would want us to love with our whole hearts and live our best lives until we see him again. We are committed as a family to honoring our sweet angel for a life well lived.

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